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Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Organization WebDirectory

OSHA Inspection Reports
Searchable database of federal and state OSHA inspection reports.

Arbor Day Foundation
Media page has press releases, logos/illustrations, PSAs, storm recovery kit and more.

World Health Organization

Environmental Resources on the Internet
Links on environmental Web sites, online publications, news groups.

USGS World Volcanic Activity
History of volcanoes, tips on what to do if caught in one, reports on latest activity around the world.

Envirofacts Warehouse Safe Drinking Water Information Web site includes a searchable database on drinking water violations; search by state, county and water company.

Congressional Accountability Project
Site, which claims to fight corruption in Congress, offers information ranging from pay and perks to ethics.

Environmental Organization Web Directory
Great one-stop listing of government agencies that deal with environmental issues.

Natural Resources Defense Council
Studies galore on the quality of environment. Great quick-reference for stats, resources, experts even.

Before/after Landsat images showing environmental events and introducing remote sensing.

World Wildlife
A children's page for wildlife.

Environmental Defense Fund

U.S. National Park Service

Geological Society of America

Fusion Power
A British research site on a new type of energy that could make oil obsolete.

Energy Web Directory
Hundreds of links to energy and environmental issues, many from California, some national.

Earth Science World-American Geological Institute
Site for environmental activists group has a library of press releases, video and headlines.

League of Conservation Voters
Scorecard on environmental issues.

Surfrider Foundation
Membership info., photos, a few press releases on coastal issues.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Calendar of events, press releases, speeches, official documents, publications, etc.

Food and Water Watch
Washington-based watchdog group.

Environmental Working Group
Research on health and the environment.


Arbor Day Foundation
Media page has press releases, logos/illustrations, PSAs, storm recovery kit and more.

National Wildlife Federation

Environmental activist group with dozens of blogs, press center, sources, etc.

Global Wind Energy Council
The council is a global forum for the wind energy sector, uniting the wind industry and its representative associations.

World Meteorological Organization

The Sierra Club
Conservation site has a press room, politics and issues section, video and more.

Blue Planet Foundation
Advocates for safe drinking water.
Group that opposes bottled water.

Think Outside the Bottle
Corprorate Accountability International's campaign to challenge corporate control of water, including the bottled water industry.

Media and Diversity

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Federal Communications Commission
Handbooks, resources, press releases, bureau/office listings, contact information and more.

National Academy of Television Journalists

National Association of Broadcasters

Broadcast Education Association
Studies, news, teaching tools and a huge database of members.


Television News Center
Tips, training, etc.

IBB Voice of America: Pronunciation Guide
An invaluable tool to broadcasters on deadline.

Voice of America: Iraqi Place Name Pronunciation Guide

Voice of America: Recent Names in the News
Covers the TV news industry. News items galore.
Features more than 110 live streaming video channels from network affiliates around the world, as well as Sky News and the Pentagon Channel. Users stay updated through a Twitter feed and by live moderators that are based out of cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles. Users also can imbed the moderator feed into their blog, website or MySpace page. The site also features live weather channels, an RSS feed and a blog. The site can be particularly helpful to TV and radio journalists tracking stories in other cities.

G4: Attack of the Show
Online program features cool web tools, viral videos, new gadgets, movies, comics, etc. Great for tracking pop culture online.

Loaded with tip sheets and articles, this site features work previously published in "The Write Way," some of which have been updated and revised for NewsCollege. Started in early 2006, the site covers many writing basics, such as tightening copy and eliminating weak quotes.

University of Delaware: Television News Database
More than 10,000 local television news stories that you can easily search and watch. Media Database
From the Center for Public Integrity, this site has a media ownership search to include network designations for television stations and information on the nation's largest newspapers. Enter a zip code or city name and track ownership of TV, radio and cable stations in that zip code area. Strategies for Local TV News
Trends and tips on the industry.

News on cutting-edge ways of using podcasts.

Podcast Directory
Seach by genre, most-popular, language, region, buzz. Tips on creating a podcast, etc.
Broadcasts more than 800,000 hours of video, and allows users to comment on videos, which range from sermons to comedies and musical performances.

From MediaBistro site offers news about the industry, ratings, etc.

News feed and other resources on the broadcast industry.

Assignment Editor
Started by the
managing editor at CBS/WBBM-TV in Chicago, this site,
under new ownership, is used worldwide to navigate
millions of destinations on the Internet each month.
Our main users are the news decision makers of the
world who decide what hundreds of millions of people
see and read each day. Crime Coverage Tips for Broadcasters
Searchable database of
video clips from around the world. Type in a name and
search, chances are, you'll find some video clips.

A broadcasting and cable blog.

A great TV news industry site. Links, job listings, insider gossip and contact information for nearly 1,600 stations.
Search by job type, salary range, etc.

Translates headlines from various RSS feeds into spoken English. Part of a beta site from Great Britain.

Blinx TV
Database of news and other video. Web Crawler
Great for developing story ideas, this site scans the Web sites of more than 400 local television stations, and compiles and e-mails the results. Also a free e-mail newsletter.

RTNDA: War Resources
Hundreds of links and free resource guides you can download as .PDFs. An excellent quick-stop resource.

RTNDA: Bioterrorism Resources
Hundreds of links and free resource guides you can download as .PDFs. An excellent quick-stop resource.

Lost Remote: Converting TV Scripts to the Web
A great set of tips.

Plugged In: Using the Internet for High School and Professional Journalism
Downloading this online publication from the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation will prove valuable to students and educators, station interns and journalists new to the profession.

FCC: Cross-Ownership Studies
Run by ADT Research, this site charts how much time each broadcast spent on each topic each night. FCC Cross-Ownership Studies

FCC: Center for Digital Democracy

The NewsMarket
The NewsMarket provides free broadcast-standard video and multimedia content from corporations, government agencies and non-profits. Journalists can search, preview and request video and
other content on demand, online, via digital download or can choose to receive
tape-by-mail. Video Photography and Editing Ethics
Al Tompkins of the Poynter Institute urges the National Press Photographers Association to adopt ethics guidelines for video photography and editing.

University of Delaware: Television News Database
More than 10,000 local television news stories that you can easily search and watch.

Tyndall Report
Tracks what the network news covers by how many minutes the evening and morning newscasts devote to topics.
Broadband streaming of 250-plus television services around the world. VERY enlightening if you want to get an idea of how other countries view various stories.

Prometheus Radio Project
Support, training and organizing for non-commercial community radio broadcasters.

Broadband Television Central
Focuses on broadband industry news and trends..

National Association of Broadcasting Education Foundation
Education resources, seminars, etc.

Vanderbilt University Television News Archive
Billed as the broadcast industry's home page.

SoapDetectives: Podcasts of Old Radio Programs
Use this site to download old mysteries to your iPod.


Provides free broadcast-standard video and multimedia content from corporations, government agencies and non-profits. Journalists can search, preview and request video and other content on demand, online, via digital download or can choose to receive tape-by-mail.

MediaLink Broadcast Glossary
Terms and basics.

Your 100 Most Mispronounced Words

Your 100 Most Misspelled Words

Mervin Block's Broadcast Newswriting Workshop
A tips section is available from two of his newswriting textbooks. An occasional mailing list is available by writing to

Newscript: Writing for Radio
This site is run by Michael Meckler, a professor of classical and medieval Latin literature at Ohio State University. A useful guide to various forms of audio journalism, along with practical tips on writing for the ear.

Live365: Radio Stations
Claims to be the world?s largest collection of radio stations.

Corporate Communications Broadcast Network

Using Hidden Cameras

PBS: Inside Local News Documentary

Edward R. Murrow Reports
Listen to audio reports from one of the best broadcast news journalists of his era.

Media Tenor Institute
Features extensive data of up to date research free of charge. There's also a free newsletter sent twice a week with the latest reports about the influence of media in public opinion. A important resource of information very useful for journalists and students concerned about impartial and balanced journalism. Amy Bowers' TV Column
An archive of Amy Bowers' monthly television columns for, a photojournalism site.

CBI College Broadcasting
This site tracks what is playing on radio stations nationally and keeps a log.
This search engine pulls images and video from all kinds of news resources. Browse by category, etc.

Broadcast / New Media Jobs

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The BIG TV Job List
This site spiders the Web gathering TV job openings from all the TV station Web sites, packages them and e-mails them to subscribers every two weeks. Go to this site to sign up.
Search by job type, salary range, etc.'s Broadcast Jobs page's Jobs page
Site for TV news journalists seeking work. Agency-related site. Jobs Page
Audition tapes, resumes and more.

Landmark Communications
Hiring for The Weather Channel, The Travel Channel, various TV stations and Virginia newspapers in Norfolk and Roanoke.

NAB Broadcast Career Center TV Jobs

A TV news journalism jobs site that helps you on your next step in your career.

Bloomberg TV and Print Jobs

Corporation for Public Broadcasting Jobs Page

TV Producer Jobs Page
Run by Stephen Lee, a lawyer and former Chicago Tribune journalist, this site deals with issues behind some of the top shows on TV.
Keep track of keywords mentioned on TV. You can do a free demo try, but it costs for a user log-in.

CNET Jobs Page
A great site for writers, editors and copy editors. Internships, media resources and more.
A talent coach who does a weekly coaching and offers a free jobs page.

National Public Radio Internships

Vault/TVSpy Career Guide to Agents & Auditions
Looking for a TV news job? You've got to know about two things: picking an agent, and sending in an audition tape. The book advertised on this site says, "The best way to make sure you succeed at these crucial tasks: read the TVSpy Career Guide to Agents & Auditions, written by Don Fitzpatrick, the founder of TVSpy and a TV broadcast legend." Cost of the book is about $30.

Illinois News Broadcasters Association
One of the largest state broadcast news groups in nation, with radio and TV members from across the Land of Lincoln. Also has some great job listings for all journalists.

Dolan Media Management
A TV consulting firm designed to "address the dramatic demand for managers and producers."

Banking/Government Sites

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American Banking Association
Many helpful resources, including links, press announcements and a great breaking news section.

ABA Bank Marketing Magazine

American Bankruptcy Institute
Newsroom, links, publications and experts.

Anti-Money Laundering: Efforts in the Securities Industry
The General Accounting Office's 92-page report on the issue of combating money laundering in the securities industry.

U.S. Treasury Department
Federal agency with electronic versions of all its publications.

U.S. Dept. of Treasury Business Library

U.S. Tax Code Online

Internal Revenue Service
Federal agency with electronic versions of all its publications.

Securities and Exchange Commission
Federal agency with proxy information and more.

Fannie Mae Background

Freddie Mac Background

FDIC Press Announcements

FDIC Organization Directory

FDIC Industry Analysis

Wall Street Journal: What the FDIC Covers

Federal Reserve

Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight


FDIC Newsroom Page
All the links business writers covering banking will need.
Surveys thousands of U.S. institutions about the best loan and credit card rates.

Just Quotes

Savings Bond Calculator
Figure interest over time.

FDIC's Fraud Page

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Site has detailed demographic information on every FDIC-insured bank in the country. Also has info. on bank holdings, deposits, etc.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Build your own Consumer Price Index. Information on the unemployment rate.

Suspicious Net Banks
The FDIC has launched a Suspicious Internet Banking site that lets you see if an institution has a legitimate charter. You can also report suspicious activities online.

The U.S. Mint

Provides business patterns by county and zip code, monthly building permit data, federal spending, etc.

Economic, Trade, Business Statistics
Stats from the U.S. Department of Commerce site.

U.S. Trade and Development Agency

Economic Statistics Briefing Room
White House site provides easy access to current Federal economic indicators.

Grant's Interest Rate Observer
See "links we love" for a lengthy list of interest rate news sources. Recovering from a Natural Disaster
Report in the wake of North Carolina's Hurricane Floyd about the difficulties people can expect to face when natural disaster strike.

Consumer Confidence Index
Tracks economic growth.
Stories and indexes tracking the economy. Could be good for sourcing stories as well.

1997 Economic Census

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Provides inspection reports and other work-place safety data by plant or location.

Bankruptcy Law
A directory of state, national and international bankruptcy laws.

International Trade Administration
Mother Lode for anyone seeking trade numbers. How much is your metro area exporting and where?
Informational site for consumers. Some basic definitions for journalists.

National Foundation of Credit Counseling
A directory of debt counselors in your area.

American Bankruptcy Institute

Bureau of Economic Affairs
Home of the Gross Domestic Product and surveys of personal income.

Economic Briefing Room
Numbers gurus will have died and gone to heaven with this Census site.

Economy at a Glance
Quick reference to the Bureau of Labor statistics site. Good deadline numbers.

Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Database is part of the FBI's site.

FTC's Kids Privacy unit
A children's ad review unit within the FTC.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Results of thousands of workplace inspections. Go to the stats page for comparative industry-by-industry data.

Rates on CDs, mortgages and personal loans.

Patent and Trademark Office
Is the person you just interviewed really the person who patented or trademarked the product? Look it up!

PC Magazine's Undiscovered Websites: Money and Careers
From November, 2007, a great collection of sites that provide shortcuts to many business sites.

Judicial Branch

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U.S. Department of Justice

Drug Enforcement Agency
Good stats and research tools.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Good stats and research tools.

A Guide to the U.S. Federal Legal System: Web-Based Publicly Accessible Sources

Oyez: U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia Database
Hundreds of hours of audio materials delivered through a free player available from as well as summaries of cases before the court, organized by year.

On the Docket
Includes a current listing of pending cases, dates for scheduled oral arguments, the questions presented to the Court and citations for the lower court.

Pacer's U.S. Courts
Search district and bankruptcy courts.

Federal Courts Finder
Image map guide to courts from Emory University.

Bureau of Justice Statistics

National Center for State Courts
Research, newsletter, links to other organizations.

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice
This national, public interest law firm offers cutting-edge legal briefs and news on public interest legal issues, including consumer protection, civil rights, and access to justice, plus a unique online database of all accredited law schools and 2,300 public interest groups, sorted by dozens of focus areas. Supreme Court Candidate Bios

C-SPAN Judiciary and Supreme Court Resources

National District Attorneys Association

Yahoo!: Supreme Court Nominees

PBS Newshour: Supreme Court Candidates
Full of quotes from politicos on who should be named. Supreme Court Candidates
Full of quotes from politicos on who should be named.

Supreme Court Historical Society

Center for Jury Studies of the National Center for State Courts
A Virginia-based nonprofit group.

Supreme Court Collection
A database of upcoming Supreme Court cases compiled by Cornell University.

Syllabi of Current U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

Department of Justice: Office of Solicitor General
Search government briefs filed with the United States Supreme Court.

Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals
Links to the full-text opinions of all 11 U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals.

Federal Laws and Regulations
The National Archives and Records Administration has a database of public laws, presidential orders and more.


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