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Family / Parenting

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The National Marriage Project
Located at Rutgers, this research is led by family experts Dr. David Popenoe and Dr. Barbara Dafoe Whitehead.

All Family Resources

411 Family Directory


Dads for Kids
A top-notch parenting site full of tips, studies, etc.

Family Help Center

A Family Affair

Dad's Mag

Dads & Daughters


Ask Jeeves for Kids

Magazine Jobs

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New York Times Company

A great collection of magazine job links.

Reed Business

G+J Publishing
Several women's, parenting and children's magazines.

Meredith Corp.

Hearst Magazines


Freelance Writing Organization International
A free site that hosts thousands of writing resources and writing links in a massive online database. 40+ genres, funds for writers, job listings, education, news, submission calls, research library. Writing resources range from adventure to westerns, agents to publishers. Professional resources for all writers, editors, journalists of all mediums.

Career Magazine Job Bank

Advertising/PR Jobs

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Advertising and Media Jobs


PRFirms.org: Council of Public Relations Firms
Resources galore, including job-hunting materials.

A PR career site and community.

Online Public Relations
The site offers lots of links, including links to research sites, career resources and public affairs resources.

PR Central
This site offers many PR tools, including a list of career opportunities.

A free jobs board for the UK's public relations industry.

Diversity Job Board
The site's goal is to "make a connection between job seekers and recruiters and to provide a strong Diversity brand for its Corporate members. This connection is accomplished by providing job seekers with thousands of positions to search for, matching many different professional sectors and experience levels.

NationJob.com: Advertising and Media Page

Iraq and Weapons Inspections

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UN Cartographic Office: Map of Iraq (.PDF)


Congressional Research Service Reports: Iraq -- The Turkish Factor

Congressional Research Service Reports: Iraq -- Divergent Views on Military Action Updated

Iraq: Former and Recent Military Confrontations with the United States

Iraq: Weapons Threat, Compliance, Sanctions, and U.S. Policy

House of Commons (U.K.) Library Research Papers: Iraq � Debate on Policy Options

GlobalSecurity.org: Satellite Images

GlobalSecurity.org: Iraq

The Project on Defense Alternatives: War Report
The War Report page provides key analyses and selected documentation of the Iraq War and aftermath of the Afghanistan war, compiled by the Project on Defense Alternatives and updated frequently.

NewsNow: Iraq News Stories (updated regularly)
Pick up a live feed of news and updates out of the UK.

A site looking at Palestinian weapons production and smuggling.

UNESCO: Iraq Cultural Heritage Sites
From the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, this site includes the latest statements, updates and press releases from the group, plus useful links. It explores Iraqi cultural heritage sites in danger, etc.

Oxford University: Iraq Archaeology and Artifacts
A comprehensive site from Cambridge University Professor Nicholas Postgate and Oxford University fellow Eleanor Robson, a council member of the British School of Archaeology in Iraq.

Poynter.org: Military Reporting -- Insights and Ideas
Tips on how to localize and focus the national, international issues in the military.

Project Voice: Baghdad
A discussion of U.S.-Iraq relations headed into the war. Conducted by college students in both countries.

Military Family Support Center
Links to dozens of organizations.

JURIST's Paper Chase
A Pitt law professor's blog tracking legal aspects of the war in Iraq.

Pax Christi USA
Anti-war resource site.

Win Without War
Anti-war resource site.

API: Tragedy In Photos, a New Standard
Another perspective on use of graphic images with a newspaper slant and some images to illustrate the points.

Attacked 9-11 Photo Collection
A moving collage of photographs from the Sept. 11 attacks. Very cool.

University of Iowa: Visual Records of the Attacks
A collection of links to Web sites archiving visual records of media coverage of the September 11th air attack and its aftermath on the University of Iowa Communication Studies Resources site -- specifically on one of the pages devoted to visual communication and visual rhetorics.

The Washington Post's "America Under Attack"

PDN-Pix WTC Site
A fine article on journalists and the risks of covering the war on terrorism.

American Photojournalist.com
Created in late 2002 by four working photojournalists. It features weekly photo stories and featured photographers, users can post portfolio, use forum, classifieds, etc.

Time Magazine's "Shattered"

The Fine Line: A Photo Essay
This Weblog photo essay tells the story of a narrow escape from the WTC collapse.

DCViews.com: Digital Photography
Digital camera and photography views, reviews and news.

Images from Space of the WTC, Pentagon


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Page Design and 9/11

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Key Agriculture Coverage Sites

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U.S. Department of Agriculture

Environmental Working Group
A listing of breaking news stories on farm subsidy issues. The site also has a searchable database of farm subsidies.

Fortune 500 Companies to Receive Farm Subsidies
A list of all the companies.

Health trends and facts from the farming community.

FAO: Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture
Site includes a database on global, regional and national food security.

Food and Fuel: Myths and Facts
From the Council for Biotechnology Information, which communicates science-based information about the benefits and safety of agricultural and food biotechnology to sustainable development.

USDA Economic Research Service: Global Food Security
Data, FAQ, reports and helpful links.

USDA: Commodity Price Factors
News articles, research reports and more.

International Food Policy Research Institute
Newsfeed, reports and news releases.

ReliefWeb: Global Food Crisis
Includes data, maps and an FAQ.

USAID: Global Food Insecurity and Price Increase Updates

World Bank: Food Price Crisis
Sort through regional information for food prices.

This web map shows regional concentrations of factory farms.

Track studies, findings. Includes newsletter and RSS feed.

National Farmer's Union

Features an ag search engine, news and markets.

Helps non-metropolitan journalists define the public agenda for their communities, and grasp the local impact of broader issues. It interprets rural issues for metro news media, conducts seminars and publishes research and good examples of rural journalism.

The Rural Blog
Explores current issues in the ag industry. Part of RuralJournalism.org.

Easy way to track a Congressman's voting record.

Library of Congress
The library's catalogs, full-text access to bills under consideration in both the House and Senate.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Agroterrorism Resources
Studies, links, experts, etc.

Library of Congress Thomas Legislative Information
Find bill summaries, legislative agendas, roll call, etc.

Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues

Office of the Congressional Clerk
Obtain copies of House documents that the Clerk makes available as part of the official duties of this office, including public disclosure. You can also find historical information about the House of Representatives and information about its Members and Committees.

U.S. House of Representatives info. and directory

U.S. Senate info. And directory.

Lobbyist Database
Opensecrets.org, part of the Center for Reponsive Politics, has a database of registered lobbyists. Also tracks spending in particular sectors of lobbyists.

State Beef Councils

Ranchers and Cattlemen Action Legal Fund
R-CALF site offers industry info., links, contacts and an FAQ.

Special Interest Groups List
Opensecrets.org, part of the Center for Reponsive Politics, has downloadable lists of special-interest ag and environment groups.

Agriculture Network Information Center

National Agriculture Library

Global Listing of Agriculture Colleges

USDA: State Ag Facts
State fact sheets provide information on population, employment, income, farm characteristics, and farm financial indicators for each state in the United States. This information was last updated on July 22, 2002.

Tobacco Links
Dozens of links in alphabetical order about pro and anti-smoking, farming, etc.

Farm Service Agency: Farm Bill Site
Official data and information on the bill.

University of Missouri: Farm Bill Determinative Calculator

Agricultural Communications Documentation Center

Environmental Organization WebDirectory

USDA: Data on Hogs and Pigs

Purdue University's Center for Food and Agricultural Business

Agriculture Biotechnology
This site backgrounds ag biotech and intellectual property rights.

Food technologies and stories by farmers and food researchers.

Food and Agriculture Organization
Since its inception in 1945, FAO has worked to alleviate poverty and hunger by promoting agricultural development, improved nutrition and the pursuit of food security.

Agriculture Communications Documentation Center
Links, contacts and more.

Food and Agriculture Organization of America
Stories and press releases on global trends, economics, forestry and more.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Sustainable Agricultre Network
Links, research, bulletins and more.


USDA Directory of Farmer's Markets
More than 2,800 were listed in 2000. Use this image map to find the ones listed in your state.

House Ag Subcommittee

Free photos of farms, farm animals, equipment, etc.

U.S. Forest Service

Water Quality Information Center

National Weather Service: River Flooding Map Track what rivers are flooding around the country.

FEMA: What States Spend on Flood Damage

Carsey Institute
University of New Hampshire organization studies issues pertaining to the ag community. Newsletters, press releases, publications, research, etc.

EPA's Toxic Release Inventory

EPA's Toxic Release Inventory Raw Data
Data dating back to 2002 that can be broken down by region (county-by-county), industry, chemical and more.

EPA Air Pollution Stats

Green Vehicle Guide
Helps you choose the most fuel-efficient and cleanest car engine.

Society of Environmental Journalists: FOI Tip Sheet

EmergencyNet News Today
Site monitors current and potential political, social an natural crises.

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
A non-profit organization monitors waste from computer corporations in Northern California.

A good list of nuclear accidents.

Infoplease Nuclear Accidents Page

FirstGov: Petroleum QuickStats
A handy set of statistics when writing about oil prices and quantity.

Oil Spills links
Links to associations and government agencies that deal with oil spills.

Environmental Defense Fund Toxic Release Data
Similar to TRI site, has stats broken down by geography, industry, facility, company, etc.

PBS Frontline Plague Wars Site
Bio warfare site includes interviews with scientists and government intelligence officials.

Understanding the Nuclear Threat

EPA's Toxic Release Inventory

EPA's Toxic Release Inventory Raw Data
Data dating back to 2002 that can be broken down by region (county-by-county), industry, chemical and more.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Calendar of events, press releases, speeches, official documents, publications, etc.

Food and Water Watch
Washington-based watchdog group.

Blue Planet Foundation
Advocates for safe drinking water.

Group that opposes bottled water.

Think Outside the Bottle
Corprorate Accountability International's campaign to challenge corporate control of water, including the bottled water industry.

Wildfires and Volcanoes

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Twitter.com: 2007 Southern California Fires Coverage List
A quick scan of headlines.

San Diego Tribune 2007 Fire Blog

CraigsList: 2007 Southern California Fires Forum

Health Effects of Wildfires
Links from the National Library of Medicine.

Red Cross.org: Brush Fires
Stories, disaster relief, etc.

Red Cross: Feb. 2002 California Brush Fires
Stories, disaster relief, etc.

NYFD: Brush Fire Safety Tips

Phoenix.gov: Brush Fire Safety

Children's Safety Zone: Protecting Your Home from Brush Fires

Firehouse.com Wildfire Coverage


HowStuffWorks.com: How Wildfires Work

GeoMac Wildland Fire Support
A multi-agency government site.

Mount St. Helens and Volcanoes

USGS: Pacific Northwest Seismographic Network
Measures quake activity inside Mount St. Helens.

USGS: Mount St. Helens Updates
Daily updates on the volcanic activity. Monthly updates when the activity is slow.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS): Mount St. Helens 1980-2000 Fact Sheet
Daily updates on the volcanic activity. Monthly updates when the activity is slow.

How Stuff Works.com: How Volcanoes Work
Daily updates on the volcanic activity. Monthly updates when the activity is slow.

How Volcanoes Work Home Page
Daily updates on the volcanic activity. Monthly updates when the activity is slow.

Volcanic and Geologic Terms
Daily updates on the volcanic activity. Monthly updates when the activity is slow.

Volcanoes Database
Click on the database link to search by continent, type, activity, etc. Compare and contrast volcanic activity.

NASA Earth Observatory Site
Look at natural hazards such as volcanoes, fires and floods through satellite photos, etc.

Michigan Tech Volcanoes Page
Links galore.

Volcanic Clouds Website

PBS Nova: Volcano's Deadly Warning
Background on seismic signals, emergency response, preparation, etc.

Smithsonian Institute: Global Volcanism Program
Background on seismic signals, emergency response, preparation, etc.

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
Maps, phone contacts, photos, etc.

Mount St. Helens Volcano Cam
A webcam from the volcano.

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument Photo Library
Photos galore, including before/after shots.

Mount St. Helens Links
A clearinghouse of links to sites about the eruptions.

Columnist Sites

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National Society of Newspaper Columnists
Links to hundreds of national columnists, contests, etc.

Blue Eagle's American Media Columnists
This page claims to list more than 700 media columnists.

Organization of News Ombudsmen
Articles, columns, conferences, links to columns and membership listing.

Journalist Web Sites
Personal sites of columnists, reporters, etc.

The Drudge Report
The center column has links to several columnists, many of them media columnists.

A collection of movie critics' links. Jim Romenesko's Media News
Great media gossip column from Poynter.org.

Al's Morning Meeting
A great column on great news items from Poynter.org.

The Wall
Kimberly Blaker's nationally syndicated column on church and state.

Chicago Reader Hot Type Column
A Windy City media criticism site. A great read.

Washington Post's Dot Mil Column
Written by William Arkin, a former military intelligence analyst.

A political journal with links to professional and personal posts.

A popular conservative political site from a New York Times journalist.

Arianna Huffington
A good political site from the syndicated LA Times columnist.

TV Critics Association

Ag Equipment

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Use these links to look up names and facts on equipment. Some are retail outlets, but they have information valuable to journalists.

Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association

Farm Equipment Network
Lists dealers and contact information by state.

Farm Equipment Search Engine

Farm Machinery and Equipment Directory

Vintage Farm Equipment

World Ag Expo

Crop Circles: Circlemakers

Crop Circle Quest

9-11 Attacks Commentary

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API: Sept. 11 Editorials
A listing of a couple dozen newspaper editorials on the tragedies.

World Association for Christian Communications
A media watchdog organization from England that offers an alternative perspective than the mainstream media's view of values and religious issues. Has commentary on the coverage of the 9-11 tragedies.

Transnational.org: For the arrogance of power America now pays a terrible price


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SEC Statement from WorldCom
Statement submitted to the SEC by WorldCom, Inc. on July 1, 2002 in response to a Commission order.

WorldCom.com Archive

FCC: Local and Long Distance Telephone Industries
Telecommunications Industry Revenue Data reports back to 1992.

FCC: Recent WorldCom Developments

FCC: Key WorldCom Statistics

Documents on the MCI-WorldCom Merger


E-Law.com's Enron Documents Database
Nearly every legal document in this historical case is available free through this site as .PDF documents.

LLRX: The Collapse of Enron: A Bibliography of Online Legal, Government and Legislative Resources
An in-depth collection of resources on the Enron scandal. Updated regularly.

Houston Chronicle: Enron Documents and Stories

R.I.P. Enron
Video from TV ads and more.

Slate.com's Enron Blame Game

Enron Bankruptcy: Calendar of Upcoming Events
Proceedings on the New York Southern District Bankruptcy Court site.

WashingtonPost.com: Enron Stories
Archive of stories, timeline, interactive graphic on understanding the Enron scandal.

DMOZ.org: Enron Scandal Archive
A great search result on hundreds of stories on the scandal.

National Association for Information Destruction
Justifies what Enron and Arthur Andersen are accused of doing.

CNN's Enron Special Report
An archive of stories, video timeline, CNN Money stories, Time magazine pieces and more.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Easy-to-use searchable database of thousands of U.S. companies.

Edgar Database
Company information from the Security and Exchange Commission.

Files from the Security and Exchange Commission.

California Bridges

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These links are from Gary Price at ResourceShelf:

Federal Highway Admin Expertise Database

Real-Time Monitoring of the California Highway Patrol Traffic Incident Database
This database allows you to select a region of the state or other limit and monitor all incidents being handled by the CHP. Updates every 60 seconds.

Golden Gate Bridge
Facts and figures about the bridge.

District 4 Web Site: Where Bridges are Located

San Diego: Coronado Bridge Fact Sheet

District 11 Web Site: Where SD-Coronado Bridge Is Located
Includes some maps.

Vincent Thomas Bridge Fact Sheet

District 7 Web Site: Where Vincent Thomas Bridge is Located

The California Log of Bridges on State Highways
A listing of all bridges and other highway structures on California's State Highway System.

Office of Emergency Services California Digital Information System

Federal Highway Admin, Office of Bridge Technology

National Bridge Inventory
From the Federal Highway Admin, Office of Bridge Technology.


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Note: These sites train journalists how to use spreadsheets to analyze data. Pages will launch into a new browser.

J-walk.com Spreadsheets

Public Library Rankings
The annual ranking of 9,000 public libraries is available in a spreadsheet copy for journalists. A good newsroom training tool for spreadsheets.

Listservs and Newsgroups

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List Universe
A resource site for anyone setting up or trying to keep a listserv alive.

List of Journalist Listservs

Live Journal: Journalists Community
Has a community for journalists. Slug: journalists.

National Press Photographers Association
General photojournalism, ethics, digital imaging software.
Address: Listserv@cmuvm.csv.cmich.edu
Message: Subscribe NPPA-L Your Name

Foreign Correspondents
Address: Majordomo@true.net
Message: Subscribe Correx-L

European Investigative Reporting
Address: Listserv@psychology.su.se
Message: Subscribe Media Your Name

Student Journalism
Address: Majordomo@world.std.com
Message: Info SJ

Shop Talk
Includes clippings about the network and local broadcast news industry, news and gossip about reporters and producers, and occasional job postings.
Address: Listserv@listserv.syr.edu
Message: Subscribe SHOPTALK Your Name

Usenet newsgroup: clari.biz.industry.broadcasting

Gonzo Journalism
Usenet: newsgroup: alt.journalism.gonzo

Journalism Criticism
Usenet newsgroup: alt.journalism.criticism

Journalism Discussions
Listserv Mailing List:
list address: magazine@vm.ecs.rpi.edu
subscription address: listserv@vm.ecs.rpi.edu

Music Journalism
Usenet newsgroup: alt.journalism.music

News Media
Usenet newsgroup: alt.news-media

Play-by-Play Sportscasters
Listserv Mailing List:
list address: pbp-l@etsuadmn.etsu.edu
subscription address: listserv@etsuadmn.etsu.edu

Print Media
Usenet newsgroup: clari.biz.industry.print_media

Fleet Street Forum
Not an e-mail listserv but a journalism Web site forum.

Usenet Newsgroup Search

Google's newsgroup index

Journalism/Reporting/Student Listservs

PR Listservs

Kirk Hallahan's PR Links
Hundreds of useful resources -- including dozens of PR listservs -- from Colorado State University.

I-PR Digest http://www.audettemedia.com Published by AudetteMedia and moderated by Adam Sherk. Send a blank e-mail message to join-i-pr@list.mmgco.com.

PPCOnline Sponsored by The Public Relations Society of America's Professional Practice Center, this e-mail mailing list is for both members and nonmembers. Subscribe by sending a message to ppconline-request@prworld.com with the word "subscribe" in the body of your message.

PRFORUM To subscribe, send an e-mail message to listserv@listserv.iupui.edu and type "subscribe prforum" in the body of your message.

SmallShopPRAgency To subscribe, send a blank message to smallshoppragency-subscribe@onelist.com. Check out http://www.onelist.com for descriptions of other PR-related listservs.

Check Domain Names

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Check the owner of a Web site.


Check domain names.

Register domains and store files.

Google Directory of Web Site Evaluation Tools
Tutorials on how to check a site's credibility.

HotBot: 10 Most Requested List
Ranks sites based on how often they?re visited.

CataLaw: Site Credibility
Check a site's credibility using tools on this page.

Evaluating Quality on the Net

Getting It Right: Verifying Sources on the Net

Small Business

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IRS.gov Small Business Resources

IVillage Home Business

Small Business Service Bureau

Small Business Agency Government site that deals with small business issues.

Electronric Law Library
Targeted to small business owners, but it has a lot of helpful research for anyone.

Covers the business side of the food industry.

Counselors to America's Small Business

Business Types
Explains basics of small business ownership.

Lycos Small Business Company Search

Small business resources, personal finance and e-commerce.

USA Today's Small Business Site

Small Business Resource -- Government Site

Small Business

The daily e-mail newsletter from Technologic Partners is a way to get the skinny on dot-com companies and the high-tech sector.

Entrepreneur Magazine


Consumer Scams

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Dedicated to fighting online hype and disinformation.

Federal Trade Commission
A great resource for researching scams.

Better Business Bureau: Check Out a Company
Search a database of companies and their background information.

FTC: Recognizing Business Fraud

This site exposes lies in advertising. It focuses on the details in the fine print. The site offers consumer updates and a free weekly newsletter.

U.S. Department of Justice: Special Report on 9-11 Fraud Schemes
A breakdown of fraudulent charities asking for donations.

Federal Trade Commission: Warnings on Bioterrorism Defense Products

FDA: Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online
A consumer fraud/scams site.

Discount Long Distance Digest
A consumer protection newsletter warning about scams and misleading practices.

MSN MoneyCentral.com: Anti-Phishing Techniques
Steps to avoid scams online that can steal your banking information and steal from you.

ICann.org: Securing Domain Names
Updates on domain name assigning process.

Planet Feedback.com
A consumer complaint site.


Urban Legends Research Center: Bogus Charities
An Australian site with great resources.

Tech Law Journal

Flash animations show the creation stories of many of the world's cultures.

Junk Science Judo: Self Defense Against Health Scares and Scams

Crop Circle Connector
Claims to be the largest crop circle site on the Internet. Archives to 1978.

Crop Circles: Circlemakers

UK: Crop Circles

Crop Circle Quest


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