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U.S. Anti-Doping Agency
Policies, codes, fact sheets, links, control officers, etc.

USOC: Drug Education
Basic facts.

USOC: Anti-Doping Policy

World Anti-Doping Agency
Links, publications, studies, etc.

World Anti-Doping Agency: Sports Federations
List of all the summer Olympic sport federations.

AMA: Blood Doping Study (.PDF)

Easynet: Drugs and the Olympic Movement
Basic facts from this UK site.

Findlaw.com: Blood Doping Links
A great collection of fact sheets and legal resources on the blood-doping controversy.

Findlaw.com: Why Blood Doping is Done

BBC: Banned Substances List
Story and list on what athletes can’t take.

Physio Room Sports Injury Center: Blood Doping Basics

Bloodline: Blood Doping Detection

BBC: Sports Doping Breakthrough

Anti-Doping Commission of India

Australian Sports Drug Agency: Blood Doping

Steroids and Performance-Enhancing Drugs

PubMed: Steroids
Go to this page and do a search for athletes steroids side effects. This search returns 183 articles published in medical journals on the side effects of steroid use in athletes.

Background on how the laws work, etc.

Psyched Online: Drugs & Athletics
Background on steroids and other banned substances.

MedStudents.com: Background on Steroids
A good quick-reference page.

Findlaw.com: Steroids and Performance-Enhancers

Findlaw.com: Other Drugs Abused by Athletes

Findlaw: History of Drug Use in Sports

Sports Medicine, Experts and Background Sites

Use the Toolbox's Expert Databases to search for experts on blood doping, sports medicine and other banned substances.

National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury
Stats, studies and media contacts from the University of North Carolina. Includes annual reports, definitions and more.

Look up details of prescription drugs.


National Athletic Trainers Association

Sports Medicine.com
A great one-stop portal for organizations, tips, news, etc.

American College of Sports Medicine
Good for sourcing and features a newsroom, publications, and health & fitness information sections.

SportsMed.org: American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine
Database of sports medicine experts, media room, updates on advances in sports medicine.

International Federation of Sports Medicine
A journal, newsletter and more.

University of Alabama: Links to Athletic Safety Associations

SX Sports Medicine
Articles, products and tips from certified trainers in all major sports.

Sports Medicine Journal

The Physician and Sports Medicine

2004 Summer Olympics: Records

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Resource Shelf: Olympic Fast Facts

Olympic Medal Winner Database

InfoPlease.com: Event-by-Event History/Facts
Easy way to look up records.

Guiness Book of World Records: Olympics
An offbeat list of Olympic records.

Olympic Medalists
Scroll down on this British track page and find links to all Summer and Winter Olympic medalists.

2004 Summer Olympics: History

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AthensGuide.org: Olympics History

Tufts University: Olympics History
An in-depth historical site built by the Tufts University Library.

CBS Sportsline: Olympics History Timeline
Call up coverage, facts, stats by year.

InfoPlease.com: Olympics Through the Years
Easy-to-use quick reference to past Games.

NationMaster.com: Olympics History Encyclopedia
Look up Games history by year.

Olympic Photo Guide: 1896-Present
Look up Games photos by year.

Wikipedia: Olympics Encyclopedia

U.S. Olympic Committee: Olympics FAQ
Basic facts and figures.

About.com: 1980 Olympics History
Background on the U.S. Boycott of the Moscow Games.

2004 Summer Olympics: About Athens

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AthensGuide.com: 2004 Games
Background on the city, maps, accomodations, etc.

Olympics Weather
Forecasts for Greek cities and venues.

About.com: Go Greece
Travel information, etc.

Athens2004 Olympic Coverage
From the Olympics website. Features, press releases, publications, etc.

Network covering the Games. Schedule of events, stories, etc.

USA Today Olympics Coverage

Sports Illustrated Olympics Coverage

Washington Post Olympics Coverage

Los Angles Times Olympic Coverage

ESPN.com: Olympics Home Page
Features, schedule, stories by sport, etc.

ESPN.com: Olympics News Wire
Scans the news wires for all of the latest Olympic headlines.

CBS Sportsline: Olympics News
Great list of wire stories by date.

Chicago Tribune: Athens 2004 Coverage

BBC: Olympics Coverage
Headlines, columns and more.

Topix.net: Olympics Headlines
A nice quick-reference collection of links from global publications.

About.com: Olympic News

2004 Summer Olympics Events

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Athens2004: Sports Events and Schedule
Track the games by event.

InfoPlease.com: Event-by-Event History/Facts
Easy way to look up facts about Olympic events.

Marathon History
History and records for past Olympic marathons.

2004 Summer Olympics Basics

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Official site of the Games. Includes tickets, accomodations, news, volunteers, services, etc.

International Olympic Committee: Athens 2004
General facts, photo gallery and news.

U.S. Olympic Committee
News, background on U.S. athletes and coaches, etc.

Athens 2004: Press Information Page
Credentials, etc.

Olympic Media Info 2004
An independent site (in several languages) with tips and updates for media covering the Games.

NBC Olympics: Olympic Schedule/Results

NBC Olympics: Olympic TV Schedule

Olympic.org: Official Site of the Olympic Movement
Background on the medals, torch, etc.

Yahoo! Olympics Directory
A great quick-reference list of links.


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